An Introduction (Finally)

       Hey y'all, I'm Ares Xenia (they/he) and I'm the owner/sole proprietor of Arili Made. I often refer to my profession as 'maker', and I'm a lapidarist in training.

Arili Made at this point is more or less a free pasture to set my creations out to roam, and if someone forms a connection, they're free to pursue it. 

As I continue my lapidary training, I anticipate a much more refined and informed approach to gemstone and semi-precious stone based creations, as well as an increased knowledge on sculpting/forming to assist with some of my other projects. I hope to always offer a variety of handmade options beyond gemstones. 

You can keep an eye on this blog space for a more in depth look at my progress through lapidary training as well as informational posts relating to recent creations. 

I'm so grateful for everyone who has supported my business so far and am looking forward to serving a wider audience.

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